Monday, 14 September 2009

7 September 09

August in Italy is usually very quiet month, and this August was no exception.....As predicted the site shut for few weeks and gave us a bit of rest. Now everything is back to normality and quite a lot of progress has been made on site since July. The Ferrari House is moving forward pretty fast and the timber roof structure has been completely cleaned, repaired and reinforced. A lot of energy is going right now in the top reinforced collar, a new structure that will strengthen the house and make the whole building earthquake proof. The thin slabs have been reinforced too and the new concrete screed is near completion.

As far as the new Gallery is concerned the digging works are almost over. Right in the middle of the is now clearly visible a relatively small reinforced concrete platform: on this platform the Gallery's crane (site Crane number 2) will be placed, almost until the end of the site construction. Hopefully the crane will be removed before completing the aluminum roof....

Gallery's dedicated crane new platform. The platform will be structurally linked to the foundation piles, here visible before the new concrete will be cast on site.

On-site evaluation of different finishes for new timber replacements and protective coatings.

The existing timber trusses' heads are coated with a thin layer of bitumen to further protect the timber once the reinforced concrete ring collar will be cast in place.

In the meantime the site's prefabricated office container has comfortably become my second home and office...

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  1. Did you ask for a yellow crane! ;)

    Keep going so nice to follow the whole process.

    It's a shame not having a webcam pointing the gallery site! :(