Monday, 4 October 2010

25 September 2010

After the summer break, that actually wasn't much of a break, the pace on site has gained speed and momentum. The roof metal primary, secondary and tertiary steel members are now in place, the facade truss temporary columns have been removed and gradually the shape and size of the Gallery is emerging. Soon the rigid insulation panels will start to clad the roof structure.

Meantime the intumescent paint is applied

On the Ferrari House the "Sagramatura" render is applied; Sagramatura was the original external render used on the Ferrari House's walls. This local and typical protective render is obtained by mixing lime, water and clay powder. It's a very old process used since the late 1400, known to be very difficult to apply. Luckily on site we have one of the finest craftsmen producing the finest sagramatura I've ever seen.

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