Monday, 18 April 2011

7 April 2011

Few good things happened on site in the meanwhile, the most relevant being the installation of the first aluminium extrusion that will eventually form the roof's skin. It's a delicate, bespoke, time consuming process but the presence of a yellow strip crossing the building has marked another day to remember.

This person happens to be one of the most talended surveyors around, and when he is not busy travelling the world he cross-checks that the aluminiums strips are actually fixed according to the 3D data in the original file via GPS.

Underfloor heating/ cooling completed.

On-site filing efficiency

Last but not least....the most special girl on site. Giada, besides being an Architect working for Teleya, she is part of the technical team that engineered many facade's details and continuously monitors the facade's construction on site. Thank you Giada...

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