Monday, 26 April 2010

22 April 2010

Last time I was on site, in March, the unprecedented snow and freezing temperatures were causing enormous problems for the casting of the concrete. April eventually brought good weather and temperatures reaching almost 25 degrees, so no more excuses for the concrete casting and so it was. Big time. April the 20th was marking a crucial date, the anniversary of the foundation stone, laid exactly one year before, and to celebrate this date it was amazing to see the concrete casting operations basically completed. The site now is, for the first time, revealing without much imagination the internal layout of the Gallery, the main ramp, the staircase ramp and the hole that will connect the entrance area to the exhibition space underground.
Next week the steel roof structure will begin and hopefully in few months the curved roof will slowly take shape.

The hole connecting the ground level with the underground exhibition room.

View of the technical room, where all the AHU will be placed. The little "spotlights" on the ceiling are actually the holes for the façade ventilation grilles.

Inspection on the complex steelwork that will structurally secure the connection with the main façade arch. The amazing amount of steel bars is necessary to cope with the incredible stress generated by the pre-tensioned steel cables connected to the arch that will bear the entire glazing surface.

A detail of the connection plate where the main façade main arch will be connected.
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