Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30 June 2010

The blog has been quite since April but I have some new interesting pictures fresh from site. The most relevant update is the completion of the first roof mock-up: it's relative small but it duplicates on of the most "deformed" spots as far as the roof geometry is concerned. The natural aluminium finish is quite dull but soon the aluminium planks will be sprayed with a glossy yellow finish.

Another substantial step forward is represented by the completion of the facade top truss. The tube, almost 900mm in diameter, features 10 sections welded together on site, and it is completly three-dimensional. The overall tolerance was set to +-50mm. This amazing achievement was possible thanks to only two welders!

Welding close-up, between section 4 and five at + 12 meters from the ground level, showing the degree of accuracy achived on site.

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